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On the following page we have compiled the most important information about the Crypto Chip Token Loyalty Card. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

The Crypto Chip Token Loyalty Card NFTs can be purchased for BUSD through the token's graphic designer profile on the official Binance NFT Marketplace. For the sake of simplicity, a shortened url for this has been created at https://nft.cryptochiptoken.com

There are a total of 4 types of this NFT, distinguished by the percentage markings on them and in their title and description. NFTs of 1, 2, 3 and 4% are available. There are currently 1 available from each one, with serial number 0001 and so on.

These NFTs are available at a fixed price. Current prices:
Crypto Chip Loyalty Card NFT 1% -> 45 BUSD
Crypto Chip Loyalty Card NFT 2% -> 85 BUSD
Crypto Chip Loyalty Card NFT 3% -> 120 BUSD
Crypto Chip Loyalty Card NFT 4% -> 160 BUSD

NFT owners can register their purchase on our website https://cryptochiptoken.com/loyaltycard, where they can order their NFT physical loyalty card at the same time. This card, which is physical, contains an NFC chip on which your freely chosen details are programmed and sent to you as a gift.
The card can thus be used as a business card, since when touched on smartphones with an NFC chip, the data fed into it will appear on the display of the device and can be saved.

An additional advantage is that the NFT owner receives a discount (1, 2, 3 or 4%) from the gross value of all purchases made in the https://bevachip.hu online shop. To claim the discount, you must contact the customer service immediately after placing your order by emailing bevachip@bevachip.hu with the order number. This email must include the details of the person requesting the discount (name, order number, wallet address where the NFT is located). Discounts can only be applied to NFTs that are already registered, as only in this case can it be verified that the beneficiary is the one who is entitled to the discount.

From the selling price of the NFTs, the sampling fee (0.022bnb/NFT) and the platform fee (1%) are deducted.
 - 10% of the remaining amount will be allocated to the team wallet to cover further development and marketing costs.
 - Of the total remaining 45%, BVC tokens will be purchased to maintain exchange rate stability.
 - The last 45% will go to the GENERATIVE wallet, from which our holders will be rewarded according to various conditions.

To maintain the number of holders and to further increase the number of holders, we will introduce the "Guardian of Value" utility, which can be earned by purchasing NFTs for a wallet where the user has and holds Crypto Chip Tokens.

If there are no BVC token sales/exchanges from that wallet
 - 6 months: 5% of the value of the NFT
 - 12 months: another 5% of the value of the NFT
 - 18 months: another 5% of the value of the NFT
 - 24 months: another 10% of the value of the NFT
is credited in BVC tokens on the wallet.

Other online shops can also issue NFT-based discount cards under the care of Crypto Chip Token. We will do so after clarification of the details/costs and the intention to join:
 - Custom graphic design of the NFT discount cards according to the branding,
 - Upload and sample them on the Binance NFT Marketplace,
 - Design and programming of the physical cards.


New members will benefit from the following advantages by participating in the loyalty and discount card program developed by Crypto Chip Token:
 - No expertise is required, neither in graphics nor in crypto,
 - No need to join Binance, using our accredited access to one of the world's leading crypto platform platforms for our partners,
 - No need to create your own token, NFTs can be traded in BUSD,
 - Immediately have the possibility to accept partial or full cryptocurrency in their own shops, as this is the main purpose of the Crypto Chip Token.

The benefits of buying NFT are therefore:
 - Be the proud owner of a Crypto Chip Loyalty Card NFT
 - You will receive a discount on the gross value of all your purchases in the bevachip.hu webshop
 - After registering your NFT, you will receive a gift of an NFC chip card that looks the same as a physical NFT with your pre-programmed details selected at registration, which you can use as a digital business card
 - If there are no BVC sales on the wallet for which you purchased the NFT for 6-12-18-24 months, you will get 5-5-5-10% of the NFT price back (i.e. 20% after 2 years)

What to do after buying an NFT:
 - Register your NFT at cryptochiptoken.com/loyaltycard by entering your details
 - Choose which of your details you want to be programmed with
 - Wait for your gift NFC card in the mail
 - Immediately after your purchase in the bevachip.hu webshop, send an email to bevachip@bevachip.hu to indicate that you have an NFT that entitles you to a discount
 - Depending on the time elapsed, contact us after 6-12-18-24 months if no BVC sales have been made from your wallet during this period to claim the reward % of the NFT purchase price

Your physical NFC card will look exactly like the NFT you bought. Standard credit card size.

Once you have purchased an NFT, you must notify us using the form below. We will verify your purchase within 24 hours, and our technician will program your unique card and send it to your postal address. This usually takes a few working days for a European address and 2-4 weeks for addresses on other continents.

Stored data: your name, email address, phone number, wallet address, postal address. Use the form below to choose exactly what you want to have stored on your card.

Your card contains an NFC chip, which is programmed with the data you want. You can even use it as a digital business card, because when you touch it to another person's phone, your contact details are instantly displayed and can be saved.

Very simple! CONTACT US BEFORE you place your order and tell us you want to claim your discount. Our staff will check the legitimacy of your claim and you will be able to place your order with the built-in discount using the one-time coupon code you received.

The data stored in the NFC chip cannot be remotely erased, so it can be found by the finder of the card and, if lucky, returned to you. Should this not be the case, please contact us for a replacement.
If your NFC card has been stolen in a crime, you should contact the authorities.

No, because the Loyalty Card NFT and NFC cards are only made in this design to keep them uniform.

Yes, but only one type of discount per purchase can be redeemed in the bevachip.hu webshop.

Register your NFT! If you wish to request a physical card after your NFT purchase, please fill in the form below carefully.

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