Loyalty program reimagined. Without borders. For everyone.
We want to connect the online buyers with companies through the crypto space by emerging a loyalty program that will benefit both sides. Without borders with simplicity.

Be-Va Chip Ltd. was founded in 1997.with the purpose of being affordable, trustable and most up to date webshop in the field of electronics and accessories. In our constantly renewing online store you will find the latest, trendiest devices at affordable prices with a wide assortment. There are currently nearly 115,000 products in the store which are updated and expanded daily.

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BVC Token in work

Benefits for the customers. Advantages for the webshops.

Benefits for the customers. Advantages for the webshops.


BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

Our token is based on the most popular blockchain tha tis fast, low-cost and has flexible (programming) tools, and comes with clear and canonical documentation.


Crypto Chip Token

Treasury Concept. More stability and reliability of the holders assests while making the project more solid with a sustainable compounding asset management. Additional benefits for the holders are the rewards coming from the interests.

Our Principles

Honesty, Transpareny and Investment care. Because we are also working to build a good community.

Crypto Chip Token